Running clothing

Custom running clothing. Design according to the customer's preferences. Including your club's logo, sponsors, player numbers, and names.



  • Short or long sleeves.
  • Functional shirt for sports and leisure.
  • We use high-quality polyester materials.
  • Durable core threads.
  • Precision cut and fir for comfort.
  • The option of a elastic stripe behind the neck.
  • Basic collar - round or V-neck, with the ption to choose other collar styles upon request.


  • Breathable material
  • Option for custom design


  • Provides optimal comfort and suppoert durring training
  • Finished with an elastic band at the cuffs and neckline
  • Lower edge finished with concealed elastic


  • Women´s - full printed or printed bottom panel and waistband only
  • Women´s leggins have a raised waist, which ensures comfort when wearing
  • Women´s leggins also available in short and extra short versions.
  • Men´s - full printed or prindted side panel only
  • Side pocket option


  • Side pocket with zipper, without zipper or without pocket
  • Full printed or printed side panel only
  • Side zipper option at the bottom of the leg

Running shorts

  • Running shorts with integrated elastic inner shorts
  • Inner shorts feature the possibility of a side pocket
  • Covered elastic waisband
  • Outher shorts made from slightly elastic beathable material

Running skirt

  • Running skirt with integrated elastic inner shorts
  • Inner shorts feature the option of a side pocket
  • Covered wasitband


Jersey – men (518)

Jersey – women (503)

Collar (301, 325)

Tank top – men

Tank top - women

Sports bra (791)

Leggins – women

Short leggins – women

Extra short leggins - women

Sweatpants - men

Running shorts – unisex (791)

Compression tank top

Compression shirt - long sleeve (526)

Compression shirt – short sleeve (526-325-103)

Compression trousers long

Compression trousers short

Variants – jersey: short sleeve, long sleeve (without cuff / with cuff) 

Variants – leggins: material - non-printed, all-over printed 

Variants – sweatpants: material - non-printed, all-over printed, combination of meterage and printed side stripe

Cuts and sizes (PDF)


100% polyester micro
130 g/m2

Medium-weight material that is pleasant to the touch. It has a finely smooth texture and is moderately to moderately elastic. Suitable for indoor and outdoor sports.

Think 505
93% polyester micro / 7% elastan
140 g/m2
very fine and pleasant to the touch. It is knitted to be higly stretchable in width but not very stretchable in lenght.  This fine, stretchy fabric has tiny openings in its structure for better sweat evaporation. Thanks to its weight, you won´t even feel it on yout body. It excellently follows the body´s curves.

85% polyester / 15% elastan
190 g/m2
Thanks to its compressice nature products made from this material have a perfect fit and provide optimal support during movement. It is soft to the touch, ensuring comfort during wear. Additionally it is resistant to pilling, maintaining its appearance even after repeated use.

92% polyester / 8% elastan
196 g/m2
Gently combed functional material. Smooth, dense knit with a slighty shiny front side and a brushed back, providing resistance to wear and excellent mositure-wicking capabilities, ensuring comfortable wear.

93% recycled polyester / 7% elastan
75 g/m2
Lightweight knit fabric with two-way elasticity, offering exceptional breathability. It is adorned with a net-like relief pattern, making it not only stylish but also functional. Thanks to its quick-drying nature, it is ideal for activities that make the body sweat. Two-way elasticity allows for free movement.

Basic černý
93% polyester / 7% elastan
150 g/m2
Quick-drying, colofast fabric with a percentage of elastane for increased comfort. Suitable for running shorts or cycling pants.

Basic LITE
93% polyester / 7% elastan
120 g/m2
Fabric with high drying speed that yonstains elastane for increased comfort. Thanks to the elastane, you´ll have greater freedom of movement.

90% polyester / 10% elastan
220 g/m2
Breathable compressive material known for its excellent fit. Its breathability and elasticity ensure that products made from this material will perfectly conform to yourbody. It is not only functional but also pleasant to the touch, meaning you will feel comfortable. It is resistant to polling, guaranteeing that products made from this material will maintain their quality.



We create customized designs according to customer requirements.

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