Contact us by phone, email, or through the form.

How does the ordering process work?

Reach out to us by phone (382 210 613), email (, or through our contact form.

You will provide us with materials for creating the graphic design.

We will create a graphic layout and send it to you via email.

We will check whether the graphic preview is correct (colors, sizes, logos). If not, we will inform you about the necessary changes.

If the layout is okay, you confirm your approval. The confirmation must be in writing form.

You will provide us with a final list - quantity, sizes, names, and numbers.

After the agreed delivery time, you will choose the method of delivery (shipping company, personal pickup). Payment will be made upon receipt of the goods.

What is included for free within the order

Vytvoření grafického náhledu.

Jména, čísla a jakýkoliv počet log na produktu.

Odborné poradenství a konzultace.

Write to us

Do you want to demand our services? Do you have a question? The easiest way is to write to us directly. You are not committed to anything, and you will receive a response shortly.

* Items marked as such must be completed.