Football jerseys

Custom football jerseys. Design according to the customer's preferences. Including your club's logo, sponsors, player numbers, and names.



  • Short or long sleeves.
  • Functional shirt for sports and leisure.
  • We use high-quality polyester materials.
  • Durable core threads.
  • Precision cut and fir for comfort.
  • For goalkeepers, the option of finger protection + padding in the long sleeves.
  • The option of a elastic stripe behind the neck.
  • Basic collar - round or V-neck, with the ption to choose other collar styles upon request.


  • Loose shorts with an elastic waistband and drawstring.
  • Goalkeeper shorts with elsatic waistband and drawings. Option for padding on the sides.

Soccer socks

  • With sock, shin guard strap, or without.
  • Made from strong and flexible material. Composition: 100% cotton + spandex - the advantage of spandex is faster drying compared to regular fabric.
  • Any combination of stripes. Woven logo.


We can also make short and long sleeve compression undershirts and shorts in team colours.



Jersey (501)

Collar (301, 325, 303)

Shorts (581)

Jersey - children (733)

Collar (301, 325)

Shorts - children (592)

Soccer socks - with sock, shin guard strap, or without (631)

Underwear shirt- long sleeves (526)

Underwear shirt - short sleeves (526-325-103)

Underwear short

Variants: home, away, alternate

Extra: patch, embroidery, applique

Doplňkové informace: short sleeves, long sleeves (without cuff / with cuff), goalie, side panel

Cut and sizes (PDF)



100% polyester
136 g/m2
Standard medium-stretch polyester knit, breathable, with a textured surface. Suitable for indoor and outdoor sports.


100% recyklovaný polyester CoolMax®
140 g/m2
Highly breathable, stretchy knit that is soft to the touch. It keeps the wearer in maximum comfort even during extreme physical exertion. It efficiently wicks away sweat through permeable channels and keeps the body dry.


100% polyester micro
130 g/m2
Medium-weight material that is soft to the touch. It has a smooth texture and is moderately to moderately stretchy. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor sports.


100% cotton+ spandex



We create customized designs according to customer requirements.

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