Cycling jerseys

Custom cycling jerseys. Design according to the customer's preferences. 


Jersey profi

  • Short and long sleeve option
  • Short sleeves finished with a trim
  • Front finished with a hem
  • Back pocket with reflective trim
  • Option of back pocket with or without zipper
  • jersey finished with elasticated silicone strip to prevent shifting

Standard jersey

  • Short or long sleeve
  • Short or long zip option
  • Sleeves finished with double needle
  • Back pocket option with reflective trim
  • Back pocket option with or without zipper


  • With pads or without
  • Entirely made from fabric, partially printed, or fully printed
  • Pants with elastic and anti-slip endings
  • Seamless panel on the pants made from highly elastic material
  • Pads made from a mesh fabric and two breathable straps
  • Graduated side inserts ensuring comfort, zero friction, softness, breathability and fast drying


  • Sleeves and trousers finished with cutting
  • Back pocket
  • Trousers with elastic and anti-slip endings
  • Fully zippered front part for easier donning and doffing of the jumpsuit
  • Graduated side inserts ensuring comfort, zero friction, softness, breathability and fast drying


  • Hips and underarms aecured with elastic edging
  • High collar provides reliable neck protection
  • Reflective elements to enhance visibility
  • Option for a back pocket or triple pocket


We can laso make jackets, headbands, arm warmers, knee warmers nad shoe cover.



Jersey – man professional

Jersey - women proffesional

Jersey - basic men

Jersey - women basic

Jersey - children

Cycling shorts with braces


Cycling shorts without braces

Cycling shorts with braces - children

Cycling shorts without braces - children

Cycling covers

Cycling shoe cover

Variants – professional jersey: uncovered zipper, back pocket with zipper, back pocket without zupper, without back pocket

Variants – basic jersey: short zipper, long zipper, back pocket with zipper, back pocket without zipper, without back pocket

Cut abd sizes (PDF)


100% polyester
136 g/m2
Elastic knit fabrik that delivers exceptional aerodynamic properties due to its stripe structure and wind channels. Soft, lightweight and snig-fitting, it provides excellent comfort and freedom of movement.

Rib tek mesch
85% polyester / 15% elastan
115 g/m2
Material with a regularly perforated structure, ensuring gihg breathability. It is quick-drying, which will keep you dry even during demanding activities. It is resistant to polling, ensuring the preservation of its quality. Another bonus is its Uv protection, providing protection against sun rays.

71% polyamid / 29% elastan
210 g/m2
Elastic, compressive and opaque fabric. Ideal for cycling shorts. It maintains its color fastness.

80% polyester / 20% elastan
220 g/m2
Ideal fabric for cycling shorts. Single-colored, sturdy knit fabric with a Shoeller® coating for abrasion resistance.

Elite stampa
65% polyester / 35% elastan
210 g/m2
Matte fabric ideal for sportswear. Resistant to pilling and abrasion. Its elasticity remains unchanged even after the printing process.

93% polyester / 7% elastan
120 g/m2
Quick-drying fabric with a percentage of elastane for increased comfort. Suitable for running shorts or cycling pants.

80% polyester / 20% elastan
220 g/m2
Matte smooth material without a pattern. Highly elastic material that offfers excellent properties such as great freedom of movement, flexibility and durability.

80% polyamid / 20% lycra
190 g/m2
Elastic knit fabric with UV Filter50+, used in mechanically stressed areas, stands out for its breathability and its partial compressive properties help reduce fatigue from micro-impact during activity.

89% polyester / 11% elastan
115 g/m2
Elastic mesch fabric with a soft feel, designed for the needs of cyclists. It allows freedom of movement and ensures comfort during wear.

Iron Gofratto
76% polyester / 24% elastan
150 g/m2
Water-repellent fabric that will keep you dry even in rainy weather. It has antibacterial protection against harmful microorganisms and UV radiaticon protection.

82% polyester / 18% elastan
150 g/m2
Sleeve knit fabric designed specifically for cycling apparel, with longitudinal grooves that enhance aerodynamics and comfort during the ride. Additionally, it is equipped with silicone finishing at the bottom of the sleeve, ensuring that the sleeve stays securely in place during the ride without shifting.

Triangolo carbon
98% polyester / 2% carbonio
150 g/m2
Material with a percentage of carbon fiber, which has antibacterial and antistatic properties, protecting the body from bacteria contact and odor during sweating. It hels lower body temperature during physical activity, improves blood circulation and thereby enhances an athlete´s performance.

85% polyester / 15% elastan
240 g/m2
Double-sided elastic knit fabric, known for its versatility and excellent thermal insulation properties. It contains LycraPower fibers, ensuring optimal elasticity and mobility. It has a brushed inner sirface, which enhances its thermal insulation copabilities - keeping you warm even in challenging climatic conditions.

95% polyester / 5% elastan
150 g/m2
Soft material.



We create customized designs according to customer requirements.

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